In School Programs

High School readiness

A 45 min/1 hour program that is delivered in the classroom to Grade 8 students looking ahead to their next big step in their educational career. It deals with the tips and tricks to survive your first day and is an engaging discussion on the topics of acute and chronic stress.

Gurl Wurld
Provides girls 13-18 a safe and respectful environment to talk freely about things of interest to them. This program is offered in schools.

Hangin with the Guys
Provides boys 13-18 years of age an opportunity to talk freely about things of interest. This program is offered in schools.

Got G.A.M.E.
A four-week program for boys and girls 12-19 offered during class time to help them manage stress, deal with peer pressure and turn negative energy into positive action.

Independence Living
An independent living program for youth aged 16-20 that focuses on budgeting, apartment hunting, nutritional education, job skills, resume building, and other essential life skills.  This program is offered at the TRC.

For more information on any of our programs- please call (506) 632-5765.

At the TRC

In the Schools

In the Community