Our Team

June Breau-Nason

I have served as the Executive Director for the TRC since 2002 and have worked in the community to develop partnerships to increase the services and supports for youth. I believe that every youth has potential. I advocate in our community to ensure youth are supported, respected, and valued.

Letti Eastwood

Iím the Drop-In Coordinator at TRC. Iíve worked with youth in various capacities for almost 15 years and have been happily part of the TRC family in different roles since 2007. As the Drop-in Coordinator my goal is to create a fun safe environment where youth can feel valued and explore their potential. Iím pretty sure I have the best job in the world.

Heather Doyle

I work as the Program Manager for the Pathways to Education program in Saint John, and I am so excited to be part of bringing this excellent program to the youth of Saint John. As an educator, I love developing programs and finding unique and creative ways to engage youth in the learning process both in and out of the classroom. What I have learned in working with youth is that when we respect and listen to their perspectives we help them to create a better future for themselves and their communities.  

Harry Daley

I am excited to be working as a Youth Advisor with the Pathways to Education program. I began my career volunteering and then working at the TRC over 7 years ago. Since then I have been busy working in community and program development here in my hometown of Saint John and abroad. My educational background is in Leadership Development and I strongly believe that lifelong learning can be fun and take many forms. When Iím not at work, you can find me hiking, kayaking, and enjoying the outdoors!

Lindsey Rees

I am a Youth Advisor for Pathways to Education and have been working with youth for over 6 years.   I believe that all youth have the ability to reach their full ability, sometimes they just need a little support and guidance to find their way. I have a background in Child & Youth studies and feel as though I have a lot of experience to help guide me in the role of Youth Advisor. I am excited to work with Pathways and invest in the students who will be the future of our community!

Danny Kelly

I am a Youth Advisor for the Pathways to Education Program in Saint John.  I have been working with youth since 2011 in many capacities and roles.  I believe that a positive relationship is key in establishing proper supports and guidance, and that the easiest way to show respect someone is simply to listen to them!  I have a background in psychology and strive to learn from others every day!  I look forward to challenging these youth in creating better opportunities for themselves, and the community.

Sarah Busson

I have been working with youth in this community since 2009 and I am so excited to join the TRC family as a Youth Advisor for the Pathways to Education Program. I have a background in Child and Youth studies which has taught me that when given the right supports, youth can make attainable goals for themselves and make a difference in their communities.

Krista Hatfield

Jennifer Fraser-Furrow

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